आज़ादी का अमृत महोत्सव (Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav)

“आज़ादी का अमृत महोत्सव”

Sure hope you’ve heard of this term lately. It’s a joyous occasion with the priceless element of freedom with pride, as India completes its 75th year of Independence.

Let me start with what made me buy an Indian Flag of this size. Last week, my father expressed his wish to unfurl our national flag at his home. I told him that I’d buy one for him. Excitedly, he asked me by when would I be able to give it to him. I said to him, “Papa, abhi to time hai 15th August mein.” He replied, “‘Har ghar Tiranga’ usse pehle lage to aur achcha hoga na!” His childlike strong wish made me assure him of my sending the flag soon.

To shortlist the type of flag I would like to buy, I clicked on the mobile app of Amazon. Having checked out the suitable flag size, I, as always, sought views of my husband. He said you should rather buy it from a local, poor vendor to help him earn instead of opting for the convenient online shopping. Point noted, I left a bit early for a meeting so that I could buy a flag for my father and my home (such was the positive influence of the patriotic vibes from my father). I stopped by at a street-side seller. I asked about the general details of the displayed flags. The seller told the prices and honestly said that he was puzzled about why the rates are higher this year, unlike previous years of his experience of selling flags. And that made me ponder upon the reality that there is a segment who’s still unaware of the facts and situations of our country. Without elaborating further, I subtly want to emphasise because I feel that unawareness to this extent, at the grass-root level, is a matter of concern. Anyway, having decided which size of the satin flag I want to buy, I asked my driver to check the quality, choose and pay for two. In the meanwhile, I complimented the pretty woman flag seller for her beautiful looks and the nice silver jewellery she was wearing on her wrist and waist. The glint in her eyes and warm, gentle smile on her blushing face was worth seeing. Her silent acknowledgment felt more audible than if she had expressed with some thankful note.

I paid and left to give a surprise visit to my father to hand over the flag. He was pleasantly surprised to see me. He got the flag fixed at a breezy corner of a balcony. He stood with pride and mixed emotions when I clicked this photo of his.

Next morning, I got the flag placed facing the East*. Felt a rush of nostalgic moments I had experienced related to my participations and representing India at many functions and places. With the rising Sun, I clicked a photo of the flag, before I began doing my regular routine of Surya Namaskar.

I wish that we understand the deeper relevance of the term ‘Independence/Freedom’, and help implement it at whatever levels and domains we can. Hoping that we shall continue to make India rise and shine brighter than ever before.

॥जय हिंद॥✨🇮🇳✨🙏

P.S. East* > Lyrics of Dulhan Chali | Purab Aur Pachhim (1970 Bollywood movie)

भारत दिल है
उस पूरब का
जिस पूरब ने
हर ज्ञान दिया
दिए बुद्ध, मोहम्मद
और ईसा
गीता, बाइबिल,
कुरान दिया।
पूरब में
सूरज ने छेड़ी
जब किरणों की शहनाई
चमक उठा
सिन्दूर गगन पे
पच्छिम तक लाली छाई
बाहों में लहराए गंगा जमुना
देख के दुनिया डोली
दुल्हन चली
हो, पहन चली
तीन रंग की चोली…

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