The winds of change!

Strong winds blew. Thundering was loud. The drizzle settle it all. The beautiful weather pulled me to the outdoors. Seeing the Jasmine flowers scattered on the floor, I went to pick them up. (As a principle, I do not pluck them off the plant.)

These flowers were of varied sizes and in different phases of growth. Some were withered, some in their full bloom, some blossoming and some were just buds. This being a universal phenomenon when the strong winds of change blow, we take it casually as a natural process to happen in case of other species. But when it comes to us humans, when we lose our dear ones or in the known circle, we get traumatised.

This global pandemic has been a critical, testing time for us all.

It has taught us many lessons. It’s upto us how much and how long we take to learn from this unprecedented situation.

Please do share your thoughts. However big or small they may be, your experience can help us all learn and evolve from it.

Like in the aftermath of an apocalypse, may the evil be washed off and the goodness prevail.

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