“The Power of S”

In today’s fast paced world, our life has become an integrated version of technology.

From the time when they used to say “Survival of the fittest”, we have come to an era where “Survival of the Perseverant, Consistent, Fastest, Fittest and/or Richest!

Generally, human life strives through:-





In this transitioning towards digitalisation, most of us are now left with lesser time for our own self. With this, I’d hereby like to add another significant “S”, which makes a very powerful word – “Silence”!

Inner journey is the most private one. Where else will you be free, if not with your own self?

I was a very quiet child. I loved being alone because I felt content and enjoyed my sacred space.

It was later in my mid teens that I began talking because I needed to interact with the world with added responsibilities as I was growing up.

Inherently, I still am a quiet and reserved person. My inclination towards Spirituality made me complete a course in Naturopathy and Yoga recently. The word “Yoga” literally means “Union”. Yoga means to consciously obliterate the boundaries of your individuality, and to sense the deep interconnection of the mind and body. And how do we do could be a lot different from what we have learnt so far, in a world full of noise.

There are times when we need to reboot our system and upgrade our software. In other words, we need to unlearn by emptying our mind that’s loaded with thoughts, preconceived notions and experiential beliefs.

What the world sees me is just the topical part of me, like the tip of an iceberg. I yearn to be just with myself. And that can happen only when I choose to retract with “Silence”. With that pursuit, I decided to the next step towards my inner journey. Today, I’m heading for a 10 days silent retreat “Vipassana”.

I look forward to be back rejuvenated, with an additional power- The Power of Silence!

Until then, Ciao❣️

Love & Light


3 thoughts on ““The Power of S”

  1. Nothing strengthens Authority so much as silence, — ऐसा लियोनार्डो डी विन्ची अंकल ने कहा था और आप भी कह रही हो फिर तो सच ही है :).

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  2. That’s great, my first vipassna session was, while I was in grade 7.
    BTW where are you going for this spiritual eden.
    As for me the nearest one is Igatpuri.
    May your meditative link be sharp in connectivity…!!!
    May you visualise the Supreme sooner you close your eyes and thoughts to be nowhere…
    Om Mane Padme Humm

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