Lifelong drive!

Like a car, you cannot drive and reverse at the same time; such is life!

Fortunately, there are more of front gears!

“Live the Moment” is a commonly heard phrase. It sounds quite simple and appealing. It certainly feels good whenever implemented in life’s choicest moments. A happy moment magically become happier. We wish that it lasts forever. But time stops for no one.

Most often, we dwell in the past or worry about the future. How many of us enjoy the drive without looking at the rear view mirror or what lies ahead of us? A journey can’t be free of the traffic, turns and speed breakers. We might need to slow down, wait, stop or even reverse at times, but then, to drive towards our destination, we have to use the gearstick to move ahead! Being stuck in the past, could cause a jam. The longer you’re stuck, a major block it becomes.

So, my dear co-travellers, put on your magnificent smile and let’s enjoy a hassle-free drive!

#life #drive #journey #travel

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