The divine bond between the Feminine and the Masculine.

Many people are working for gender equality with profoundly tender attentiveness. In terms of the relationships we share, I’m not talking about someone’s gender. I’m referring to their wholeness value.

The Divinity is all about wholeness. With pure love within us, comes the wholeness.

It’s where The Great Father and The Great Mother merge. And that divine union then expresses itself through an energy vehicle, exuding the core qualities of being a super human.

So, the integration of the masculine and the feminine within a Being has to happen first, for a truly Divine Individual to come into form. And then, that individual expresses itself in most amusing and ethereal ways.

The Divine is intuitively a healer, a holistically complete package that nurtures the whole universe.

Until then, we’re just playing a gender game, striving for an external balance!

Love and Light







4 thoughts on “The divine bond between the Feminine and the Masculine.

  1. This is elaborate explanation. Not many go to such depth. Ease with which this clarifies oneness of a being and approach of being completely whole is class.

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