Neeranjali towards a Drug-Free World 

Ever since people got to know about my voluntary involvement with another Non Profit Organisation ‘Drug-Free World’, they were curious to know why and how I thought of diversifying into this stream when I was already preoccupied with Water & Environment Conservation activities through my platform of ‘Neeranjali’.
Those who are close to me, would understand the reason instantly, as they are aware of my constant pursuit to make our world a healthier and happier place.
Thus, I on behalf of NEERANJALI (NPO), joined hands with the Foundation for a Drug-Free World to make our youth and society free of drug addiction.

This thought is not new to me. I recall this very old incident when I was out for a morning walk after dropping my kids at their school-bus stop. I checked a passer by, a young chap smoking away to glory on the way to his school. In the fleeting moment, I told him that it wasn’t right for him to do so.

I care for the children of our Mother Earth, for it is them who are creating our future world. The world will prosper if only the youth are healthy and creative.

To “Be the change you seek in the world”, I wanted to start towards this cause first within my family. I spoke about it to my son, who’s pursuing business studies in the USA. I expressed my wish to seek his support to reach out effectively to the youth. To my delight, he agreed.
Then, I took my next step and approached my extended family – my business fraternity in VECTUS GROUP. The distribution of informative TAD booklets in our office created a flurry of excitement among the staff. They were glad to read it all with much curiosity.
On this Mother’s Day, I took my third step. In my belief, a mother’s responsibility shouldn’t confine to just her own children. So, I decided to spread awareness about the harmful effects of drugs within my yet another extended family, or rather families, at my residential complex. It was well perceived and also Pledged-for by the teenagers.

With your faith, enthusiasm and support, we can make a difference in the society and once again prove, “Birds of a feather flock together”. Together, let’s create a flutter of positive change!

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