My first blog post

Dear Readers, 
This is my first blog and I would like to utilise this platform as an opportunity to introduce myself informally, and stay connected with you through my candid writings. The content, flow and pattern might vary with each blog of mine. Though still an amateur blogger, I assure you of all the writings being pure, poured soulfully from my heart and mind. 

As a child, I was a very quiet kind. Engrossed with my work, I preferred my own company. My love for reading might have been because my mother says that she loved to read when she was  expecting me. As I grew up, my love for writing was evident with the letters that I used to write to my relatives.
Being located in the capital city of India, we were blessed with many Gods frequently visiting our home (Atithi Devo Bhava). By the time I entered my teens, my father’s travelling due to work had increased. My elder sister got married by my mid teens. My brother was the youngest of us siblings; thus, with responsibilities of being the main helping hand of my mother, I  had no choice but to become more vocal with the increasing need to communicate and interact with more people. Thus, began a new journey which was inevitable, and now seems irreversible. But as a wise philosopher once said to me, “Eventually, you’ll go back to your basic nature”!
I got married and realised that I was left with no ‘my-time’. When my children were small, I waited for them to grow up and then find more time for myself. Time flew faster than I could imagine; my little babies grew up and flew to a bigger continent to study and carve their future. My husband and I eagerly wait for their visits. 

And here I am, still ever so busy – just as I was as a child – with my work. But isn’t it never too late to pursue your deep interests despite paucity of time due to multitude personal and professional commitments? 

I recall that most of my reading and writing, before my marriage, used to be at night – free from the worldly chores and chatter. The same seems to be befittingly true even now as I am sitting writing a blog. The needles of the  clock form a nice “V”. I think this is going to be the general time for posting of my future blogs, which would be more like my ‘Diary entries’.

May the angels guard you! Good night & Sleep tight!


17th April ’17

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23 thoughts on “My first blog post

  1. Your first blog is a great insight into you as a person and I hope to read more of your thoughts as your writings progress. Your writing is effortless and enjoyed reading it.
    Cheers and welcome to the world of blogging.

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  2. I warmly welcome you to my personal blog site.

    I don’t mind paying extra to WordPress to keep my site free from the distracting advertisements, so that you and I can connect with serenity here, unlike other social networking sites.




  3. This is going to be True and Self Sarika in the words! You being wonderful orator with amazing and vast knowledge, you will going to pull other talented minds as well. All the very best!

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